23AW (starts), bad weather, digital, Oscar, snake, curtains drop.

Post #001

2023 Autumn Winter Collection starts 1-2 months earlier. Some designers had the timetables in control since manufacturers slowly turned fabric into pieces in 'sickness era' and the delivery had been unstable and unpredictable last year. Could New Production Order be considered relevant? Something (or the entire process) needs to change to help this year’s suppliers and makers out of trauma.

Happy June! The wide-leg plaid pants is fantastic! Check out what's new.

Digital drums become louder and louder. Japanese government outlined the new structure of ‘my number’ system, details at Digital Agency, that the ‘my number card’ (now using as identity verification or nothing) will be integrated with the health insurance card, and they will stop the paper health insurance card in 2024 and possibly digital more into the ‘my number card’ till 2026. Who benefits? Do we really want the numbers?

Bad weather in Japan. Students (in school-time) were taken to hospital due to heat stroke in lowering outdoor temperature (the temperature rose precipitously, but only 22°C-28°C in May, making them wish they’d bought a thinner sweater). In a way, what do rainfall events and frequent earthquake (JORDSKJELVET i Japan) prove?

Reading List

Hort by Marijpol. Snake limbs and chemistry between them. Obviously, not a lot bought books. 
It's so humbling to know that there’s still so many unknown stories wise. Survive their venom?

Watch List

● We love films because you have to work alone. The Architect (Arkitekten in Norwegian) is a satire about the hard and cold future and the individuals feeding the cities that dries them out. The world is hostile and it makes us harm the earth for no real reason other than greed. Curtains drop.

● It was fascinating to look at Oscar’s cigarette and his going back and forth with small shirts in Abseiling Down. The camera is commenting what happens in France.