Post #002

Post #002

We’re thrilled to update the 2023 Autumn Winter collection (denim, hoodies, canvas bags, loose pants, blouson) and our vintage/used collection (Yohji Yamamoto, LIMI feu, COMME des GARCONS, etc.). Stick with us for the coming awesome bits and odds.

Egg and electricity prices are high in Japan. Veterinarians and Agriculture Ministry advised / urged / enhanced health on dairy cattle, but the Dutch farmers fought back. Those Narratives are changing and when the Narrative is coming apart, someone (in suits and skinny ties) are there to help. There is no silence in the world. We’re not guided by our dreams, but fears. Anything but the thing: protect your DNA.

Reading List

● Emma Cline's second novel, The Guest, did not employ anxiety. Instead, desperation is amplified in the text by the way Alex, guided by her fast navigation, is depicted as various types of imperfect extremes.

● “The Sea of Energy, in which the Earth Floats.” Where does ‘free energy’ come from? Are there any energy installment and energy entertainment?

Watch List

● We rewatched season 4 of Fargo and we saw sorrow. Mayflower appeared remarkably chill and costumes of Gang Cannon are useful.

● It has been happy in Lazzaro Felice? Within distance is called: less strained. Sad paradoxes and countryside geography.