Post #003

Post #003

The jackets and coats have been updated for the coming winter around and within us.

We didn’t randomize the weekdays and the hours, by drinking our coffee, by ripping through several books. There should be “no digital”.

Reading list

● Our understanding of the body is difficult to separate from intelligent machines. Whose products set the terms? In ‘I Am a Strange Loop’ Douglas Hofstadter fears our spirits could be captured by some enslaved subjects.

● With the lunch of SMART ePANTS program, IARPA plans to comfortably weave hidden audio, video, and geolocation sensors or detectors into clothings that can record all manner of personal data. We can look at the deployment of technology as a trigger on our earth because of how much it has disconnect us.

Watching list

● Three American families of insulin stories: diabetes, pay or die, survival, carbohydrate, food consumption and glucose metabolism.

● The first two episodes of ‘A Murder at the End of the World’ has messages of hypocrisy and climate crisis. A lot of the mess we’re in is because of acceptance.