Post #004

Post #004

We have the ‘2024 Spring Summer collection’ updated. Find out more here.

Manufacturers intentionally changed scales but the deviation from the norm was small. Right time (action) could gain a foothold, but where’s the source of made-for-TV forecast now?

We’ve been surely and slowly connecting (🙃🙄) with craftsmen and workers on the other side, testing a measure of formats and loose ideas in our office in order to get back to the most basic project(s).

Reading list

● We’re all wired to soothe ourselves. With selected objects or qualified material, can we feel known or seen under late capitalism which tells everything and nothing at the same time? Thin Skin.

● We are being recorded, by CCTV cameras, much of the time. The big enterprises, meanwhile, are pushing ahead. They imagine they’re being creative.

Watching list

A Nearly Normal Family is about the pain and politeness in Lund. Family loyalty and secrets don't mean what it meant. How far will you go to protect your family business?