VOAAOV IN THE PIT  / VOAAOV (ヴォアーブ) を取扱う正規通販ストアTOYASIDO。


What kind of signals does VOAAOV send out when the obvious conclusion is never said about? For what is wearing here is in fact a prime example of how true radicality works in practice. 

For some aesthetic reason, VOAAOV can be seen in any location, on any people, but from a critique view, it is a tie between friction and diversity. Is there anyting worse than clothing overloads by the large windows? How does one can pick VOAAOV blousons instead of a Japanese brand which is showed in Paris? In other words, VOAAOV uses appropriated knowledge and materials, in downtown Osaka, ​to demonstrate a ​change of our times, to bring us into a romantic dimension.

VOAAOV IN THE PIT  / VOAAOV (ヴォアーブ) を取扱う正規通販ストアTOYASIDO。

The 21AW collection sets out from a pair of typical VOAAOV designs, a number of military directed coats filled with Kawada feather and hood jackets dressed like German sculptures, which cleverly gives a situation a feeling of massive accumulation, inward or outward.

Our selection for this season is almost entire black, black shirts and pants, black jackets and black coats. Black is made meaningful for VOAAOV, which can be interpreted as a way to hide something by expanding internal space, both in fashion and hopelessness of the world. (Did VOAAOV present more black?)

text: toyasido / work: VOAAOV